A Real Knowledge Sharing Behavior

What does it mean to create a Knowledge Sharing Culture? This concept is set up within an organization, to ensure that people are working together more efficiently, collaborate and share their information and knowledge.

What does it mean to create a Knowledge Sharing Culture? Well, I heard this concept to be as something to setup within an organization, to ensure people are working together more efficiently, to collaborate and to share information and knowledge.

But this is not easy to achieve, and in big or small companies expertise learnt and applied in one part of the organization is not leveraged in another: knowledge is lost, constantly.

I think the Knowledge Sharing Culture cannot be intended as limited to a certain space like an organization, but it is an individual behavior towards a real knowledge sharing.

As a devoted “Breaking Bad” fan, I cannot avoid to mention here what the main character Walter White has done: he shared his extremely important knowledge and a chemical recipe with other people, but the “students” couldn´t get the same result even after practice sessions…Was it a real sharing?

That´s what I want to focus on, when I talk about “Real Knowledge Sharing Behavior”: there are different aspects to be considered in the process of transferring information and knowledge.

Trainings must be based on this principle and ensure professionals are constantly learning new skills and technologies to keep up with the latest trends. Completing focused training can help those who wish to advance or move into a new area of technology. To realize the full value of IT investments, companies need training solutions that provide timely, low-cost, and targeted skills transfer.


Aptly trainings

Starting from this concept, we have organized our trainings, internally for our team, and externally for our customers.

All training programs offered can be adapted to the company´s own expectations and needs. Before providing the training content, we discuss with the customer what are the objectives and we brainstorm on a personalized training.

Our classes are interactive; participants actively use the product, run processes and create workflows. At the end of each session, we ensure the student understood the concept and is able to re-create a specific action, task or process, in the exact way.

Our objective is a “Real Knowledge Sharing”: give all the expertise and tools to enable being independent starting from the first day after the training, and help to reach company´s objectives. The on-the-job-training method, which is very effective and takes place in a normal working situation, can also be included in our programs.

„Aptly organized a special training program that was tailored to our individual needs. The training provided had a significant positive impact on our advanced dual CRM integration with Eloqua and the skills and information covered have assisted us greatly in understanding these complex processes and in improving them. Aptly has advanced our knowledge and enabled us to fully benefit from the features of programs we use every day. We consider Aptly to be a very reliable partner
(Peter Kilinc, Senior Marketing Automation Analyst. Chemical Analysis – Thermo Fisher Scientific – www.thermoscientific.com)


Training Topics

  • Eloqua – Marketing Automation Software
  1. Best Practices: for advanced users, that needs to learn best practices and how to design effective strategies using Eloqua.
  2. Eloqua for CRM administrator:  focused on the Integration with the CRM
  3. Eloqua for Marketers: focused on the marketing activities (Lead nurturing, lead scoring, Segmentation, Emails, Landing pages & Forms, Database Management/Cleansing, Reporting and more)
  4. Eloqua for IT: focused on the api integration and the Eloqua setup.
  • Salesforce – Customer Relationship Management Software
  1. Develop on Force.com platform
  2. Basic administration
  3. Advanced administration
  4. Reports and Dashboards
  5. Other Topics depending on requests.

Our trainings are interactive know-how transfer: participants will actively use the product, create processes, compile and run workflows.

On the basis of our experience with the tools, we show common mistakes so that those can be avoided from the start. At the end of each session we ensure each participant has an understanding of the concepts and can autonomously fulfills an action, a task or a process.

Our goal is to transfer all the knowledge and provide the tools, so that starting from day 1 the participant can work independently with the solution and achieve the company´s goals.


Location and training formats

Depending on the objectives and the number of participants, we offer onsite and online trainings:

  • Online: participants will get the credentials to access to our online live trainings and webinars where they can interact, watch presentations, videos and other resources used to support the training session. Our live online training combines premium skills development technologies and our instructors, content, exercises, and peer interactions to ensure a superior training session, regardless of participants´ location.
  • Onsite, in your offices:  On-site Training is a flexible, cost-effective option that allows to train as many or as few employees as needed—from a single team or department to everyone in the organization.
  • Onsite, in our offices


If you need more information and want to request a training, send us your contact details and specify which training do you need. We will contact you to understand your goals and to identify the right program.


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Francesca Turri

Francesca has more than 5 years experience in integrating CRM and Marketing Automation technologies into different organizations. She works strategically with customers, to understand their business objectives, determine the best approach for leveraging APTLY solutions, and provide recommendations on how to proceed.

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