Our 5 Eloqua Release Highlights 475 and 476

Oracle launches releases on a regular basis and they always contain many new functions and features. We took a closer look at the current releases 475 and 476 to see how you can benefit from it!


Eloqua Profiler – From old to new

Icon_16From 2nd to 14th of February, Oracle will introduce its new Eloqua Profiler app. In addition to a modern look and feel, the new app offers responsive design that easily scales and resizes on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Further highlights are:

  • Marketers can decide which lead score model appears inside the profiler, sales reps can easily switch between the lead score models that they have access to.
  • Interactive activity graph
  • Optimized labeling of activities

Due to the launch, the old system will no longer be available. That’s why it is essential to prepare a smooth transfer for the sales team. The following steps are your road to success:

  1. Install the new app before the arrival of Eloqua version 477 (scheduled for 2.-14. February 2016). It’s not certain at the moment when which POD will be delivered. Further information regarding the installation is available here.
  2. If the Eloqua Profiler is connected to  your CRM, the CRM URL has to receive an update. The update process works different depending on the CRM system you use. Oracle’s Documentation offers specific step by step guides for the Oracle Sales Cloud, CRM onDemand, Microsoft Dynamics 2013, Salesforce and OKTA with SSO.
  3. Afterwards you should ensure that every user within your sales team updates any browser bookmarks.


Campaign Canvas – Here is how you keep on track

Icon_6One of Eloqua’s strengths is the visualization within the Campaign Canvas which makes it easy to understand the campaign flow. Now, Eloqua tops it with an additional level of detail and added short descriptions to campaign elements such as “Add to campaign” or “Move to campaign”. This enables you to see both the name of the campaign in which you send the campaign members and the step of the campaign. A great feature – particularly for those who deal with greater umbrella campaigns that contain a lot of sub-campaigns. Our special tip to benefit from this feature: Give your campaign steps an intuitive name!


Insight – Save your licenses when reporting

Icon_2Oracle has extended the types of licenses: In addition to the Eloqua Marketing Platform, Eloqua Engage, Eloqua Profiler and Eloqua Analyzer, the Eloqua Reporter is now available: Executives who use Eloqua only to run reports can be provided with a specific license without ‘wasting’ any Marketing Platform license. It’s perfect for companies that work e.g. with a Basic Eloqua product with just five licenses for the Marketing Platform.

What hasn’t been implemented well: Even if you can enable Eloqua Reporter for every single user in the user profile, the access to Insight is currently regulated by the group’s settings > Interface Access > Insight. Caution! If you deactivate Insight here you can’t undo it. You will have to ask your admin for help.

Are there any additional tasks for you? Not really, since users who already work with a license for the Marketing Platform have automatically been activated for Eloqua Reporter.


WebEx App – Now for multiple instances

Icon_5Crying for the good old days is what some did when Oracle started to jettison its Cloud Connectors. And some definitely shed tears as the WeEx Cloud Connector left the harbor forever and ever. The reason: It enabled us to embed any arbitrary WebEx instance within a campaign and to ship the data from one system to the other and back again. The introduction of the new WebEx app put it to an end: Only one instance was the motto! The new release corrects this situation: The WebEx app now offers the ability to add various WebEx users during the installation process. You will find a step by step guide here. We shout: Full speed ahead and wish for the same app extension for GoToWebinar!


Contact Washing Machine – Clean up, please!

Icon_1Put your contact data into the spin cycle when they do not meet your individual purity requirements! You dislike names written in small letters or you can’t stand seeing them completely typed in in uppercase letters? Then go ahead and clean them with the new Contact Washing Machine. It’s up to you to define the program. You can choose between:

  • Trim
  • Trim Left
  • Trim Right
  • Lower Case
  • Propercase
  • Compose – Allows you to take data from either static values or other fields, and merge it into a single field. Can be used to overwrite data in a field.
  • Regex – Allows you to specify a Regular Expression to modify data in a contact field.

Installed once via the App Cloud Catalogue, you will find the new feature in the Campaign Canvas. If you don’t see it at the first sight, this knack will help: Use the right-click and all elements will be displayed.


Print it out and hand it to colleagues? No problem – just download this blogpost as a PDF file:


You’re interested in recieving Eloqua Release news regularly or have some questions burning under your fingers? Please get in touch, we are happy to help.


Top image credit: Scott Olson / Getty Images
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