What's new in Eloqua? Version 477.

Pfeile _IconWhy should you store all the useful stuff in the basement if you actually should have them at your fingertips day in day out? To this effect, Oracle has brought up multiple functions from the Application Setup (which many users avoid to step into) to the highest level. If you click the “Preview New Menu” button, you will see where various functions moved to. To ensure you won’t get lost in this new environment, you will find a site plan here :


Campaign Canvas – That’s how you keep track

Haus_IconPlaying Sherlock Holmes has come to an end. From now on you don’t’ have to peer through the keyhole anymore to see what rocks your Eloqua instance: The new Eloqua dashboard doesn’t list recently accessed assets only. It also provides insights into your contact’s activity within an interactive chart. This way the user can check: How many contacts have been added to the data base within the past 30 days? Do the online activities of my contact data base prosper well? And how does the number of website visits evolve?

A single click brings you to the campaign overview. Here you will see all campaigns ordered by completed last week, active and scheduled. The fact that you can click directly into the settings of a campaign from here, in its operational report as well as into the Insight report, is pretty cool!

Also just one click away are all assets and functions the user prefers – thanks to newly introduced shortcuts. To create a shortcut, just click on the pen icon.


Then, click on the pen icon of the tile you want to modify …


… and select your preferred function from the dropdown menu. Done!


Program Canvas – Program Builder's next generation

Kopf_IconWhether it is data cleansing or adding custom values – with campaigns you can easily manipulate data. But the abilities are limited. Manipulating data works smarter and extensively with a program which implements the desired modifications in the background and doesn’t count on the activity score of your contacts. The Program Canvas is the next generation of Program Builder and offers, among others, the following features:

  • Eloqua users can work with the Cloud Apps they already know from the Campaign Canvas. This includes e.g. the Form Submit Action, Oracle Service Cloud or LinkedIn SlideShare.
  • The new Contact Washing Machine comes into action in the Program Canvas as well and is a useful tool to clean existing or incoming data.
  • All functionalities from the Program Builder will remain. This includes for instance update rules to modify data according to specific rules; or decisions which enable the user to model if-then paths.


User who so far have avoided to work with the Program Builder and its heavy (and a little bit outdated) user interface will be happy about the light and intuitive look-and-feel of the new Program Canvas. It will break the ice to engage oneself in creating programs. It’s just a pity that this innovation is currently only available for selected Eloqua instances. But it will be rolled out for all users eventually during 2016. If you want to try to get it earlier nevertheless, you could address a service request to the Oracle Support Center.

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