Force Toolkit Bundle for Symfony 2.1 released

ForceToolkitBundle is a Symfony 2 bundle that integrates the Toolkit into your dedicated Symfony 2 project.

Finally i came up with backporting the latest toolkit features into the public repository. Additionally I split the whole library up into several modules for improved code re-use and added composer support.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Toolkit for PHP 5.3 is a complete rewrite of it’s originator, Toolkit For PHP, and actually supports the latest API version 26.0, though it should be almost provide bc for earlier versions. It utilizes all these exciting improvements shipped with the latest stable PHP 5.3 releases like namespaces, closures, late static binding, tbc.

ForceToolkitBundle is a Symfony 2 bundle that integrates the Toolkit into your dedicated Symfony 2 project, featuring

  • form type generation based on metadata
  • convinient SOQL query generation, parsing, building
  • API user management based on the current frontend user’s locale

The sourcecode is completely free of charge, you may use it in your own commercial projects, modify or sell it without any restriction.

But consider the fact that it is still under heavy development and not considered stable as a full-fledged and tested 3rd party library. It is yet successfully in productional use, but if you want to try it out for yourself — the risk is included 😉
We do not make any warranties of any type, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use.

You may find the official repository here:
Or here:

Have fun! Any corrections, patches and/or other contributions are heavily welcome.


Famous last words

If you want to scratch my back, simply create a bug report/ticket on github so that i am able to recall bugs and issues when i find the time to fix them all. Or even better, provide a patch by performing a pull request that i am able to merge into the project.

Thank you really much in advance and — may the force be with you!



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