Malformed Error Messages due to HTML code?

What is the change?

Prior to Summer ’13, the Apex method addError(string errorMsg) allowed to include html markup in the string which would be rendered as HTML in the UI.

Since Summer ’13, there is a Critical Update that the admin can activate which will disable the markup embedded in an addError() from rendering.

The addError method will be updated with a boolean variable and revert back to applying the markup. However, you must upgrade your apex class/trigger to the Summer ’13 API version and use the new .addError signature:

What is the impact to the users of a commercial app?

The app vendor (ISV) has access to this new method only after Developer Edition org is upgraded to Summer ’13 – which could be the same day or after customer environments apply the critical update. So the error messages might get malformed if that situation arises. The customer admin can disable the critical update if it breaks something. But importantly, the ISV should update their package to use the new addError method signature.


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