Sales and Marketing Alignment: Lead Lifecycle Campaigns

There is a lot of theory around how to achieve the marketing and sales teams alignment, so I have been thinking on some useful templates to start organizing it. It could be hard to make sales teams aware of what marketing is doing, give a clear view and be consistent with the communication: people are busy and need to quickly understand the marketing workflows and strategies.

The following example shows when and what email marketing campaigns are executed in each stage of the lead lifecycle, and the other departments actions. I personally like this simple template to start defining the alignment and it can be personalized by adding more actions or by including other departments that needs to be involved.


A really important thing to consider is that the information in this table must be the result of the collaboration of all departments involved, to get a final common design point.


The frequency and timing of the campaigns play also an important role, and need a closer look. The question at the heart of the overall strategy is how many exposures are ideally needed to reach a target person and within what time frame.

This is a starting point, but there is still a lot to do: marketing and sales are not aligned if you are not able to track goals and metrics at each stage of the sales cycle.

  • How many leads marketing can reach? How many new leads are generated?
  • How many marketing qualified leads has the Sales team accepted?
  • How many leads become opportunities?
  • How many leads are lost opportunities and why?


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Francesca Turri

Francesca has more than 5 years experience in integrating CRM and Marketing Automation technologies into different organizations. She works strategically with customers, to understand their business objectives, determine the best approach for leveraging APTLY solutions, and provide recommendations on how to proceed.

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