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Marketing Automation has quite some similarities with travelling. Both require a certain destination, a clear vision and some planning. Also they are both different for each person. So what should you consider when settling for Marketing Automation?

I love travelling. It always provides me with time to calm down, plan and be creative. One key thing about travelling is that it always has a certain destination. Whether that destination is Italy, Canary Islands or America, without a clear map of your journey, you will never reach your travel destination. The same goes with Marketing Automation. When you have a vision of your Marketing Automation journey, you will more clearly understand your surroundings, be aware of your location, know what sights to see and what obstacles to avoid.

You can also get lost in the details of your journey. If you have children, you know exactly what I’m talking about. “How many hours will it take to get here?” “I have to go to the bathroom.” And on, and on it goes. These are indicators that your precious cartload is more interested in the destination than in the importance of the journey. It is crucial to see the big picture that gives you insight that you might not otherwise consider.


Don’t get lost in the details

We, as marketers, can become so hyper-focused on specific goals or campaigns, that sometimes we forget the broader context. The big picture view is crucial as you will begin to understand how Marketing Automation fits within your business. It’s important to remember that your understanding will enable you to make the right decisions on how to automate your processes and marketing tools.

Your journey begins at the business strategy level, then works its way down to your marketing scorecard and goals. As you determine the metrics you would like to measure, it is necessary that they process into your customer touch-points and not override them. If your customer journey becomes secondary to your goals, you will miss the point. The customers’ journey to your business is the glass shield of your marketing efforts. It should be clear and unhindered.

First, Marketing Automation is not a bolt-on solution. In order that Marketing Automation is truly successful, you must consider all of your marketing efforts in total. Some think that a landing page with a compelling call-to-action is everything their organization needs to integrate automation. But this is a shortsighted view. Consider your road trip. Let’s say it will require multiple days to get to get to your destination. If you plan your course without considering the climate or traffic at each stop, you may miss alternative paths to help us get there in a more effective and efficient manner.

Your take-away

So now that you have a map of your Marketing Automation journey, where do you go from here? This is a conversation that will be entirely unique to each organization. Make sure to hit the following keypoints:

  • Understand your customer
  • Determine the channels
  • Automate with a goal
  • Review and verify
  • Adjust course if needed


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Yvonne Tischler

Yvonne ist Online Marketing Consultant, mit Schwerpunkt im Bereich der Marketing Automation Lösung Pardot. Zudem Ansprechpartnerin zum Thema Inbound Marketing.

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