HubSpot Certification Guide

You love Inbound Marketing and need to tackle the HubSpot Certification but still have to gain all the needed knowledge? And maybe you don’t even have much time since you kind of should be certified since yesterday? We got you.

Dive into the worldwide 1st HubSpot Certification Guide to get HubSpot certified in only 8 days! Learn how to not only use the tool but also understand the Inbound Marketing terminology in this extensive summary. With two chapters each day, you will be able to pass the HubSpot Certification without the need of consuming the whole HubSpot Academy content in every detail.

PatrickTip: the Guide is super handy – just put it into your pockets and you’re good to go!




The structure of this guide is following the official HubSpot (Tool) Certification and the related courses. It provides the context and explains all relevant functionalities of the HubSpot Marketing Software in 16 separate sections, plus a summary on the Inbound Methodology, which has been put in front as Section 0. With a time investment of approx. 3 hours per day the entire preparation for the HubSpot Certification can be completed within 8 days, corresponding to two chapters per day.

Preparing you with precise wording based on the HubSpot Certification and technical screenshots from the tool itself, this guide will train you in all necessary fields concerning Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Marketing Automation.


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