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APTLY’s GDPR Manager supports you in automating GDPR compliant data management in ORACLE Eloqua. Accurate data maintenance, transparent data collection, the right to be forgotten - with the GDPR Manager you can implement all this automatically, directly in your Campaign and Program Canvas!

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GDPR Compliant Data Management with ORACLE Eloqua

Your data, your responsibility: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has put many marketing teams in turmoil. They ask themselves: Can I still work with data at all? Yes, you can! All you have to do is explain what you intend to do with the data and maintain the information you have gained. This includes a flawless documentation and a complete process for deleting personal data. Our GDPR Manager supports you with this if you’re working with the Marketing Automation Tool Eloqua.

How can the GDPR Manager support you?

Accurate data maintenance, transparent data collection, the right to be forgotten - the GDPR Manager is an Eloqua app that you can easily use via drag-and-drop in your Campaign and Program Canvas. It helps you to process personal data within your Eloqua instance in a way that is fully GDPR compliant. This is especially great, because Eloqua does not offer an out-of-the-box solution to delete contacts and the CDO records associated with them. That’s what the GDPR Manager is here for!

The GDPR Manager consists of two components that together make up the perfect toolset for GDPR compliant processes in Eloqua. The GDPR Manager itself supports you in data management, yet it also includes the GDPR Deletion Manager, which you can use for comprehensive data deletion.

GDPR Manager:
Efficient Data Management in Eloqua

With the General Data Protection Regulation, the documentation obligation has grown – which is great, because it forces you to think more about the origins and touchpoints of your leads. With the GDPR Manager you can:

  • create CDO records via the Campaign and Program Canvas
  • update existing CDO records according to your rules
  • trace lead sources and document them with date stamps
  • use services for other processes such as lead management

GDPR Deletion Manager:
Comprehensive Data Erasure in Eloqua

According to the GDPR, every person has a “right to be forgotten”. In addition, your company is required to minimise data. With the GDPR Deletion Manager you can:

  • delete contacts and all CDO records associated with them
  • configure exceptions if you need certain CDOs for your reporting and want to set up an anonymization process for them instead

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