Assigning a unique user for each integration allows for tighter control over operations and better tracking of transactions at every integration point. The new Salesforce Integration user license is designed for organizations with numerous integrations and provides access to Salesforce data and features exclusively through an API.

Salesforce Integration user licenses are automatically available in Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, and Developer Editions after March 14, 2023. If required, additional licenses can be purchased.

How-to-use: To use the license, simply assign it to new or existing users dedicated to an integration, and assign the API Only profile to restrict the user’s interaction with Salesforce via the API.

You can use the Salesforce Integration API permission set license to further restrict or extend user and object permissions. 

Please note that this license is intended for system-to-system integrations and cannot be used by human users to access Salesforce data or features through any user interface. 

For more information about the user license and available permissions, please contact us.