5 reasons why you should consider getting certified

“Get certified now!” – a claim that most people who work with a digital tool (be it a marketing, development, design, administration or any other kind of tool) get to hear or read at least once a month. Possibly within the same time interval, many ask themselves: „But… why? Why should I spend money on getting a badge that proves that I know what I’m doing? How does a tool certification actually benefit me?“

Well, here's why:

reason #1

Regardless of which tool you are using, it doesn’t hurt studying it in more depth and getting to know all of its possibilities. Plenty of users only operate within one area of their tool, not having a clue about what else is possible and what they may be missing out. Accepting the challenge to explore the tool under the pressure of working towards an actual tool exam can be highly effective. Plus, you get to see where you stand in regards to your tool usage and what areas you could dive into a little deeper.

reason #2:

Boost your career! Certifications, regardless of which kind, make yourself stand out as a professional. Positioning yourself as an expert in your area of work is always a good idea, and by adding an official certification document to your vita or including a tool certification badge into your email footer, you’ll be one step ahead of many of your competitors and stand out as a top performer. Some tools even offer platforms for certified users to register in order to be found by companies searching for professionals within a particular field of work.

reason #3:

Enrich your company! Not only do you as a professional benefit from a tool certification, the company you are working for does as well. If your clients see that you, the people they consider taking on board with their projects, are certified tool users and demonstrably know what you’re doing builds up a lot of trust in your abilities. The whole Inbound Methodology is about sticking out of the vast amount of information and offers that are accessible in our present-day connected world. Being an expert and being able to communicate this fact effectively is what attracts the attention you need to be the go-to company in your field.

reason #4:

Become a part of the community! Being a certified tool user often gives you access to a wide community of other users who support each other, share their knowledge and help with questions or challenges you might have. To exchange notes with others on how you use your tool can be truly enlightening, as you might get to see things from other users perspectives and become acquainted with other use cases.

reason #5:

Stay up to date! Most tool certifications are temporary and have to be renewed at least every year, if not every six or even three months. This may seem inconvenient at first sight, when it’s actually an opportunity to catch up with the newest versions and innovations of your tool and be up to date at any given time. Many tools listen to their users and implement wishes and proposals that will most likely provide you with new possibilities that could change the way you work entirely.

There you go, five reasons why tool certifications are actually worth it. Being a tool expert sounds pretty good now, doesn’t it? And often it’s not as much effort as you might think. Almost every tool offers free revising material to prepare for their certifications. If you know the basic tool functionalities and invest a couple of hours every day, you can call yourself certified faster than you’d think.

Pro tip:

Check if there’s summaries or guides for the tool you want to get certified for. They can help to reduce the time you have to spend on collecting all of the necessary information and provide a handy way to consume the needed knowledge. As luck would have it, if you consider getting HubSpot certified, we’ve got you covered. Check out our HubSpot Certification Guide.


Until then, keep exploring!