While 2020 has not been a year without challenges, it has been a great opportunity to learn, reflect, and make changes and advancements in how we deal with global issues like the social and physical isolation due to COVID-19 or the painful images of racial injustice broadcast across the world.

At APTLY, we take these matters seriously and we strive to do more than sit back and wait for things to change. It is in this spirit of action that we are proud to announce that we have officially joined the Salesforce Talent Alliance, a coalition of Salesforce implementation partners that have come together in the commitment to increase the diversity of the Salesforce ecosystem by hiring emerging Salesforce talent from a variety of backgrounds that are just starting out their careers as Trailblazers.

While this step has codified our commitment, it is by no means a change in how we have always hired. We are a dynamic team of Salesforce professionals from all over the world. Our team based in Cologne, Germany boasts 8 unique native languages and celebrates each of the cultures that those languages represent. We take pride in hiring people with new backgrounds and perspectives and we believe strongly that those differences in opinions and the paths that brought us to the same consultancy makes the quality of our work better for our clients. It is this diverse and colorful mix of perspectives and experiences that enables us at APTLY to design amazing customer experiences that move people and companies from being busy into meaningful work.

We know that the road to true inclusion and diversity is a long one for the technology industry but we also think it is the role of Information Technology to innovate in more ways than building apps and integrating systems. Ours is a “young” industry and one where the rules are still being written and that makes IT the perfect place to put the methods and measures in place that keep inclusivity and diversity at the forefront.

The APTLY team is excited to meet our first Trailblazers from the Salesforce Talent Alliance and look forward to continuing to grow our team and shape our company with a commitment to equality in everything we do.

We are hiring! If diversity, equality, and moving to more meaningful work are important to you, check out our open roles!