What is sure to be yet another great year for Dreamforce is underway and as usual, the announcements of new products, services, offerings and innovations are starting to pour out across the Salesforce customer and partner landscape.

Sadly, for those of us in the European Salesforce ecosystem, making the trek to San Francisco to attend the event can be a bit logistically challenging, but that doesn’t mean that those of us on this side of the pond can’t get just as many benefits from the landslide of information coming out of the Moscone Center. What makes Dreamforce unique is the fact that it isn’t your everyday tech conference full of product demos and new Salesforce features (though there is loads of that!), but that it is more about innovating how we think of technology and how it impacts the work of millions of people across the globe.

At Aptly, we have built our brand on empowering our customers to innovate their businesses using best in class technology and we look forward to taking the concepts that are shared over the next 4 days to move the companies that work with us further into the next generation of Customer Management and Marketing Automation. We recognize that the most successful technical solutions are a result of enthusiastic users that are excited about the tools they use to perform their jobs. Something Salesforce has long championed especially with the Trailhead learning platform which gives everyone the ability to learn new skills and to earn Salesforce knowledge in an easy and free way.

In the spirit of empowerment, Salesforce has put accessibility front and center for all of the Dreamforce innovations and events encouraging “guests to participate in everything that Dreamforce has to offer — without barriers”. Taking this step goes a long way in setting the bar for recognizing that in a modern workforce, tools can’t come in a “one size fits all” model if they really want to be effective. What we have learned over the years at Aptly is that a diverse project delivery team yields a higher quality output than one that is more homogeneous. As Salesforce increases the number of accessibility focused tools that technology implementation partners have at their disposal, Aptly is committed to putting those tools in the hands of the end users of our customers and look forward to the productivity boost that has frankly been long overdue.

Speaking of productivity, Salesforce has shared that they will be building additional functionality in to the voice command components introduced last year with features to improve Service Cloud as well as building Einstein Voice into every app on the platform. This type of innovation is crucial in building tools that users want to use. In today's modern world where switching your music from one song to the next is as easy as calling out to your friends Alexa, Siri, or Google, it is more important than ever for companies and organizations to introduce the same type of frictionless user experience to their employees.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Salesforce conference without focusing on the ever present topic of the 360 view of the customer and how critically important it is for businesses today. In all organizations, big and small, knowing who your customer is and how to make them tick is the cornerstone to success. Introducing Customer 360 Truth, Salesforce is combining the power of all of its tools into one through the implementation of a single ID that can be used to combine data in new ways. This need for truth and a focus on the whole lifecycle of a customer is something that we at Aptly are very passionate about. We have long championed the idea that CRM and Marketing Automation are not two distinct tools but instead two sides of the same essential coin for the modern business world and we look forward to continuing the growth of that focus to include more and more tools.

As in years past, the buzz and excitement in the Salesforce community is at its highest over the week of Dreamforce, and the Aptly team looks forward to keeping that momentum high into 2020 making next year, and every year, the best year ever for all of the customers we support.