The majority of people would certainly claim to be happy to be in contact with other people, for example to exchange information on mutual interests. This may be the case in private life, but it is somewhat different in the way people and companies interact – there are different rules that have to be followed. One of them is, for example, that every EU citizen, according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has a “right to be forgotten”. In concrete terms, this means that you can demand the deletion of your personal data from any company in the world. In order for this to be implemented in practice, every company needs a process that defines the deletion process.

The challenges involved in this process are known to all those who have been faced with the task of using Eloqua or another marketing automation tool to delete personal data in its entirety.

Our whitepaper provides various food for thought and insider tips for all those who want to set up a clever and GDPR-compliant deletion process with Eloqua resources alone.

The whitepaper explains:

  • why you should set up an anonymization process for your most valuable data, and
  • how to install a GDPR-compliant deletion process

In addition, we also show you a much smarter and much simpler alternative to the deletion process with Eloqua resources – the use of the GDPR Manager app. With this service you can easily create CDO records directly from Eloqua and delete contacts and all CDO records connected to it in one go. And all this without having to set up a separate program for each CDO. We think: With the GDPR Manager you not only save time and reduce the susceptibility to errors, but also make your work in Eloqua much easier!

We hope you enjoy reading the whitepaper!